After several years of testing and planning we are happy to bring our handmade karlabat blades to market. It was our goal to produce quality blades ensuring the best 'feeling' as possible. Nobody wants to use a unreliable blade that is hard to control, lacks quality, and has balls pinging off everywhere! That's why we only use high quality woods and carbons and our blades go through rigorous checks to ensure they meet the karlabat standard. Never underestimate the importance of having a racket and blade that suits you and your game. If you have struggled to find a blade that has the right speed,control and feeling then look no further - karlabat blades are here! We also wanted to offer customers the opportunity to really make the blade theirs, that's why all karlabat blades can be customised with an engraved name of your choice. All blades are handmade in Hungary by our team of professionals.


Take your game to the next level with karlabat!


Frequently asked questions

Are all Karlabat blades handmade?

Yes, all blades are handmade in Hungary.

How long will it take to receive my customised handmade blade?

We aim to deliver all blades within 20 days from the purchase date. Please allow 10 days to craft your chosen blade and 10 days for delivery.

Can I get a logo engraved on to the blade?

This depends on the logo and the size, to find out please email us and attatch the logo. info@karlabat.com

What font's can I get my name engraved with? Is it possible to choose a font not on the list?

Here you can find a list of the current fonts we offer:

  • Pacifica Condensed
  • Impact
  • Kelly Slab
  • Monoton
Unfortunately we currently only offer fonts on this list.


“Very happy with my KB allround blade it has amazing feeling and suits my controlled attacking game. It is cool that I could get my name engraved on it."


       Steven, United Kingdom


“Thank you very much, it is beautiful blade, and I like to play with it very much. I will recommend to my friends "



Annike, Germany


“Got a blade for my 12 year old son, he loves it and his coach approves, now all the other kids at the club want a blade with their name on it!”



Mick, United Kingdom